How Much Should a Good Custom Suit Cost?

I'm often asked how we can make hand-tailored clothing in an expensive city like New York for half the price of the better Italian brands.

The economics are quite simple --
If the labor and material cost for making a suit in Italy is, say $800, the current exchange rate on the Euro makes that cost, $880.  The Italian manufacturer needs to make a profit, so the price increases to $1300.  The duty on the suit is about 25% bringing the cost of the suit to $1625.  The shipping costs from Italy will range from $200 for a single suit to $50 for a larger shipment.  So let's average it out to $100 and the total cost is now $1725.  Most American retailers work on a mark up of 2 1/2 times the cost making the selling price-- $4300.

At Kozinn+Sons the cost for labor and materials is still $800. (The labor rates in NYC and Northern Italy are about the same.) Since we are the manufacturer, there is no middleman markup. We do not pay duty now on any wool fabric that is Super 100s or finer, since nothing comparable is woven in the USA.  Of course, there are no shipping charges when the garment has to travel 50 feet! And since we do not have the overhead structure of a major retailer, we can work on a smaller markup.   So our selling price can be-- $2000, less than half the price!!!

There's no catch.  Just the advantages of buying clothing where it is made from a company that's been in business for 104 years. In fact, we'll probably make your suit in half the time of our esteemed Italian colleagues.

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