The Role of a Try-on in Buying a Custom Suit

Beware of a tailor who does not try any garments on you when he’s measuring you for a custom suit.  It simply isn’t enough for him to just take measurements, even if it’s dozens of measurements.

The only real way for a tailor to get proper feedback from you as to how close you like the clothing to fit to your body is to put a coat or a pant on you.  And the only way for him to properly offer you a choice of styles is to put clothing on you and have you look at it in the mirror.  If he doesn’t put a "try-on" on you, it’s a sign that he’s going to make you a suit with a generic fit or style.

Think about when you’re buying a ready-made suit.  Would the salesperson just show you one size or one style?  On the contrary, a good sales person would show you different sizes to check out your fit preference and several brands to see which is closest to your taste.  It’s the same process to receive a stylish, good fitting custom suit.

So, even though it may seem like a great convenience to have someone come to your home or office to fit you for a custom suit, you are paying a price for that convenience—namely, the opportunity to try on different styles and sizes.  It’s even worse if you’re considering buying a custom suit through the internet where you just provide the maker with measurements.  You’re truly buying a “pig in a poke.”

At Kozinn+Sons Merchant Tailors in New York City, we will always show you different silhouettes and sizes so that we know your preferences when we make your custom suit pattern.

Andy Kozinn
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