Don’t Let Your Wife Dress You!

I’d like to share with you a recent article in the Wall Street Journal which reveals that it is dangerous to a relationship when one partner tries to do a fashion makeover on the other.  Here the link to "Which Clothes Make the Man" which appeared on November 30, 2010:

I am so glad that Elizabeth Bernstein wrote this article.  For years, I have advised my clients, who are mostly male, not to accept instructions from their wives and girlfriends on how to dress.

Let your wife pick out your children's clothes, not yours!  When your wife tells you she doesn't like something you're wearing, kiss her and tell her, “Thank you sweetheart for your concern, but I like the way this looks and I'm going to keep it on.” In the long run, she'll be relieved that you're taking responsibility for your own appearance.  It’s one less thing for her to worry about!

If this seems harsh, let's put the idea in a different context.  Would any woman  allow her man to come with her to the hair salon and give his opinion about how her hair should be cut?

Truthfully I may be shooting myself in the foot here.  Most women who come with their husbands to Kozinn+Sons encourage them to spend more, not less.  They want to see their husbands treat themselves well.  And, I certainly respect the idea that each partner in a relationship should have some say over how joint bank accounts are spent.

It's just that I don't think a man will look his best if he doesn't believe he is capable of making it happen on his own.

But, let's be realistic. Everyone's a little insecure when it comes to one's appearance.  A  little reassurance may go a long way.  So who should you turn to for advice about how you look?

A male friend or colleague would be ideal.  This fellow may better understand the environment for which you are dressing.   He may know the culture and the meta-communication certain details convey.  Plus, since he doesn't have to live with you, he probably won't be insulted if you don't take his advice.

Or better yet, ask your tailor!  Helping clients create a fashion image which is consistent with their goals is what I do every day.

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