Can You Shop for a Custom Suit in Your Home or Office?

It never ceases to amaze me that some of the wealthiest people have the most ill-fitting clothing.  It's not because they haven't spent money on their wardrobes. It's that they haven't spent enough time to get things right.

I once was called to the townhouse of a super wealthy client by his personal assistant who had complained about the ill fit of the clients' clothing which was purchased at one of New York's most prestigious men's stores.  The gentleman was in his early forties, slim, and was a relatively easy fit except for the fact that he stooped a bit.  He was exasperated that none of the suits were quite right.

I asked him whether he had ever gone back to the store for a "final fitting." Did he ever show one of his favorites to a tailor for him to use as a reference? He looked at me with bemusement and explained that with four homes and six businesses, he didn't have time for such "luxuries."

I thought to myself, here's the poor little rich boy, who thinks his money can buy anything.  But, it doesn't.  Tailors need to see the results of their work on their clients.  Sometimes, we are making educated guesses and are not eactly sure what the outcome will be.

So, does this mean you have visit a tailor shop to get the best clothing possible? The answer is, for the most part, "yes."  One tailor cannot move all his equipment to your location, nor can he bring along all his colleagues who may have special skills.

So, what do you do if you simply don't have the time to make the necessary visits to the tailor?  Here's my suggestions if you're planning for a tailor to come to you:

  1. Accept the limitations of your situation.  Lower your expectations a tad.
  2. Make time available for multiple visits by the tailor.  You will have to give him an incentive to do so-- do not look for special bargains and place sizable orders.
  3. Find a quiet comfortable space in which to work.  Ideally, there should be a full length mirror.  Don't let yourself get distracted with phone calls or screens.
  4. Make sure that the person who visits your site has good diagnostic skills.  He or she doesn't have to be a "master tailor." But they do need to have at least 10 years of experience fitting clients and have excellent communication skills.

I do make house calls myself and the results are generally quite satisfactory because my clients follow the above guidelines.  It can truly be a "win-win" when everyone realizes that all worthwhile endeavors take more than just money.  They take time and effort by all the parties.  But, the rewards are worth it-- great looking custom suits, jackets, pants and shirts.
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