Big Stars Aren’t Always Human: Dressing The Muppets

During our century in business, we’ve made clothing for clients with some unusual shapes, but none as different as the Muppets, those beloved furry creatures, many of whom wear our clothing in the film “Muppets Most Wanted” You might wonder why the producers would come to an old-school tailoring concern such as ours instead of a costume shop. Truth is, authentic human clothing is essential to the Muppets’ identity. The creative team do not want them wearing dolls’ clothing. For the Muppet suits we used all the canvases, felts, horsehairs and pads found in our regular custom jackets, trousers and shirts.


Here’s the suit we made for Walter. Notice the third “leg” in the middle which is for the puppeteer’s arm.

Here’s the concept sketch for Miss Piggy’s jacket and the finished jacket as it appears in the film.

This is a shirt we made for Dr. Teeth, keyboardist in the Muppets’ band, Electric Mayhem.

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