Centennial Collection

When you reach an important birthday, you can treat yourself to something extra special, a bit of an indulgence. For the Kozinn family, that meant creating a collection of clothing that expresses our passion for the heritage of fine men’s clothing. The pieces in the Centennial Collection might not be in the commercial mainstream, but they express what has fueled our love for tailoring for the past one hundred years.

The Centennial Tweed jacket
Centennial custom suitScottish tweeds are the original performance cloths—they keep you warm when they are wet, they get better with age and, unlike synthetic materials, they are truly beautiful to behold. A bespoke suit made in a new slim silhouette, even in an ultra-traditional handwoven Harris Tweed, looks fresh again.The Centennial Worsted bespoke suitPhoto of a custom made suit in new york
Combing wool so that only the longer fibers are spun into yarn is an ancient technique resulting in cloth with a lighter, smoother hand. While not as romantic as the woolens—which have shorter fibers mixed in—worsteds are the workhorse of a fine business wardrobe. Shown here is an Italian worsted blended with cashmere in a burgundy plaid woven specially for our anniversary.

The Centennial FlannelBeautiful photo of a man wearing a custom suit
A flannel is created by milling a cloth (originally by pounding it with a stone wheel) which raises the nap of the cloth. A flannel is softer and feels cozier during the winter. For our centennial, we are featuring a variety of woolen flannels that are wondrously marbleized.

The Centennial custom OvercoatClick to view Custom Suit larger
A custom-tailored wool overcoat is more than just protection from the cold. It is your face to the world during the winter months. For our centennial, we are offering a new range of rugged English and Scottish cloths. They can be worn over a suit, or casually with jeans. Either way, these coats belong on the streets of New York.

The Centennial custom ShirtBespoke suit new york city
In 1913, a man’s shirt collar was perhaps his most important fashion accessory. Its shape and proportions balanced the shape of his face and the lapels of his jacket. Our custom-made shirts harken back to those days of exquisite style and attention to detail. To complete your Centennial look, allow us to help you pick out distinctive cufflinks and a tie pin, and teach you how to make a perfectly dimpled tie knot and fold a fine linen pocket square.

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