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Historically, the difference between a “tailor” and a “merchant tailor” was that with the former a customer had to buy cloth elsewhere and bring it in to be made into clothing, whereas with the latter he’d expect to find a large selection of cloths and styles on hand. Thus, the “Merchant Tailors” in the Saint Laurie name.

In order to create the best custom suits in NYC,  Kozinn+Sons offers you and incredible array of cloths. Kozinn+Sons has relationships with mills around the globe, some of which date back 50 years or more. We regularly attend the big fabric fairs in Milan and Paris where mills gather to show their seasonal designs and fabrications. We bring back everything from Irish tweeds to Spanish linens.

But the foundation of any great tailor is his wools. Wool has the incredible ability to feel cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold. Unlike cotton, linen or silk, wool can be molded, stretched and repaired with ease.
High quality wools and fabrics for suits made in NYC The vocabulary of wool is rich and varied —cheviots, tweeds, coverts, cavalry twills, whipcords, tropicals, high twist, high performance, 3-ply, 4-ply, flannels, gabardines, sharkskins, birdseyes, chalk stripes, pin stripes, beaded stripes, herringbones and more.

However, when it comes to business suits, one wool stands above them all — the worsteds. Named after a village in England where the system for combing out the shorter fibers from a wool yarn was first developed, worsteds create the dressiest, most versatile suits.

worsted business suits

Worsteds are now spun from an assortment of wool stocks and are then graded based on the fineness of the fiber. In the industry, the measurement is by micron as to the actual thickness of the raw fiber, but in the marketplace the more historic categories prevail — Super 80s to Super 200s, the higher numbers representing finer (not to be confused with superior) wool fibers.

Our shirt fabrics are from Switzerland, France, Italy and England. You'll find end-on-ends, royal oxfords, voiles, batistes, and broadcloths in every color and pattern imaginable. We don't carry mass-produced cloths, which lose their shape and color quickly. And our shirts won't shrink after the first washing because our shirtings come from small mills with excellent quality control.

In our showroom on 32nd Street, we have hundreds of fabrics bolts for you to examine and feel when choosing your custom suits and custom shirts. We'll teach you the differences between year-round suitings and those more seasonal. We can show you the differences between English and Italian cloths. And we keep swatches of every suit and shirt cloth you've purchased in a personal file, so we can refer to them every time you pay us a visit.

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