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We have to admit that as beautiful as our custom suit jackets and custom sportcoats are, most men take them off when they’re in the office. Which means that most people see more of your shirt than they do of anything else.

Luxurious custom shirts nyc

Kozinn+Sons custom shirts will serve you well. They will fit. They will last several years. They will feel luxurious next to your skin and they can make a dramatic fashion statement.

First and foremost, all our custom shirt fabrics come from small European mills that have been weaving cloth for generations. All are woven with two-ply cotton yarns. This means the fabric will maintain its proper color forever. It also means that the cloth will not shrink beyond its first washing. And, the variety of cloths we can offer you is dazzling. (If you want to stick to basics, just tell us to control ourselves.)

Your custom shirt will be made according to traditional methods. You won't find glue in our collars, plackets or cuffs. Instead you'll find woven interlinings that conform to your neck and body.

Your shirts will be made to your own measurements and preferences. We take into account the slope of your shoulders, the width of your wrists (including accommodating a watch), and your fit preferences. You can choose from multiple collar, cuff and styling details and you can vary them within your order. We are also one of the few custom shirt makers to offer the option of monograms sewn by hand rather than by machine. And, if you like traditional tuxedo shirts, we will also do the pleating by hand.

Steve Buscemi wearing a custom-made shirt by Saint Laurie in New York City Boardwalk Empire

Steve Buscemi, star of HBO's hit series Boardwalk Empire, in a shirt custom made by Saint Laurie.

Your shirts will be made in the USA, not on another continent. We believe we can compete with any maker in the world for quality, value and selection.

Your first custom shirt order requires a minimum of five shirts. We make one of the five first so that we can check the fit and style and to confirm your choices. Then we make the balance of the shirts. Re-orders can be as few as four shirts. Prices range from $250 to $595 each, with the bulk of our shirt fabrics in the $275-$295 range.

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