So you want a custom suit that fits “perfectly?” Just how does that come about? Like cooking a great meal, there’s a process to creating custom clothing that’s part art, part science. The art comes from a careful understanding of your style, what you consider comfortable, and the fabric you’ve selected.

Your custom pattern must be consistent with all three. This is the design phase of making your custom suit, which requires a fitter with finesse and good taste.

custom fitting session with new york's best custom tailorsThe science comes in to play in analyzing your anatomy. And no two bodies are alike!

First is a diagnosis of your posture, i.e. the way you stand. We do not subscribe to the notion that there is “good” posture and “bad” posture. There’s only your posture! Next in importance is measuring the slope of your shoulders. (Typically one side slopes differently than the other.) Our goal is a natural shoulder line without artificial padding. Finally, we need to create a pattern that balances your hips, waist and chest with your posture and shoulder line.

This is not a methodology for a rookie tailor. As in most professions, experience is the greatest predictor of a successful outcome. At Kozinn+Sons, the people who fit you and make your pattern have decades of irreplaceable experience.

About one month after you place your order, the suit will be ready for its first fitting. Since the work is done on the premises, the tailors who created your clothing can see with their own eyes at this fitting what further work needs to be done. The suit coat will be basted, that is, held together by temporary stitches. This allows us to more exactly fine tune the fit of the armholes, collar, sleeves and shoulders.

Two to four weeks after the first fitting, your garment will be ready for a final fitting. So allow six to eight weeks from the time you first visit our showroom until completion of your suit.  The delivery time is dependent on the time of year.  In some situations, we can accelerate the process. In any event, if you have a fixed deadline—for example, a wedding—rest assured we will meet it!

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