While fashion comes and goes, a good value is timeless. At Kozinn+Sons, because you’re buying your clothing where it’s made, there’s no customs duty, no currency fluctuations, and no retail markup.

Historically, the price of a man's suit was the equivalent of a week's wage.  Ask a man of a certain age how much his first suit cost and then ask him what he was earning at the time and, inevitably, the suit price was the same or greater than his weekly pay check.

The formula still holds for handmade suits produced in Italy, England or the United States, where quality is still the highest priority.  At Kozinn+Sons Merchant Tailors, because you're buying your clothing where it's made, you don't have to pay for import duties, currency fluctuations, or retail markups.

Price ranges for custom clothing made from in-house fabrics:

Bespoke suits--$1995 to $2495 

Bespoke sport coats and blazers--$1495 to $1995 

Bespoke trousers and skirts--$550 to $695

Bespoke vests--$500 to $695

Bespoke overcoats-- $2195 to $2495

Bespoke shirts-- $250 to $275 (2-ply woven in Italy) $350 to $425 (2-ply woven in Switzerland) $495 to $595 (2-ply 170's to 200's)

Custom belts (calfskin)-- $125 to $160

Custom belts (exotic skins)-- $175 to $650

Please contact us for prices for custom tails and custom morning coats.

custom tailors new yorkOUR CLOTHING IS GREENER
Remember, the fact that your clothing is made where you buy it makes it cost less and is also priceless in terms of less harmful impact on the environment.

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