No business can be all things to all people. Kozinn+Sons Merchant Tailors is no exception. Not everyone likes the same movies, music or art. There’s no reason everyone should like the same clothier. What our clients have in common is not simply their professions or wealth. Nor do we appeal to a narrow age group. You’d probably be surprised at the range of ages, income levels, jobs and places of residence of our clients.

bespoke suit nycHowever, they do have something very important in common. They are all “thinking men” and their approach to shopping for a bespoke suit is distinctive.

The "thinking man"...

...does not make purchasing decisions solely on the basis of price. He doesn't assume that the most expensive is the best or that the cheapest is a bargain. He seeks value in his purchases, which requires a thoughtful cost/benefit analysis.

...does not rely on brand names or labels as the sole criteria for establishing the merits of a product. Instead, he wants to make an intelligent decision and soaks up relevant information like a sponge.

...values expertise. He takes pride in an address book filled with experts to help him succeed in life. His trust has to be earned, but once it is, he is extremely loyal. And he understands the unforeseen detours involved in making custom clothing.

...understands that dressing is an important form of nonverbal communication. He sees it as an advantage to take pride in the way he looks. He is also considerate of others by dressing appropriately for every occasion.

If you share these traits, you’ll be very happy with Kozinn+Sons' clothing and service. We work by appointment so that we can give you the attention you require and deserve. Please give us a call or send us an e-mail and together we will intelligently address your clothing needs.

ONLINE CUSTOMER REVIEWS FROM Review of a bespoke suit in New York City

Custom Morning Suit One-of-a-kind, perfectly built clothes     We knew precisely what we wanted: traditional morning suits for a formal, morning wedding.We contacted a number of tailors; most either had no idea what we were talking about, or “sort of” knew—not only did Andrew Kozinn and his skilled craftspeople know what we wanted, but they also knew enough to ask if summer wool would be too hot because it was the only fabric that would allow the cutaway coats to hang properly.We were sold. Our first visit was two hours (an hour each) for consultation and measurements; three fittings (and ten weeks) later, we had flawlessly tailored morning suits. And they were made ON SITE in NYC by local craftsmen, which was an extra special feature for us. ... [A] fashion designer and two theatrical costume designers, who were guests at the wedding were flabbergasted by the perfect construction, especially of the coats. If you want one-of-a-kind, perfectly built clothes (and not just for weddings; they do great evening wear, wonderful suits and shirts) these are the people to go to. —Wendell

ONLINE CUSTOMER REVIEWS FROM bespoke suit nyc reviews

Custom Tailor photo A special experience     I purchased a tuxedo for my wedding from Saint Laurie (Kozinn+Sons). From the minute I stepped foot in there, I knew that I was going to be in good hands. Saint Laurie (Kozinn+Sons) has a great history of tailoring dating back several generations. This may be intimidating if you don't have experience buying custom-made suits. However, the staff in general and the owner in particular (Andy) are so subtle to guide you through the process, give you honest advice and implement whatever you decide without any pressure. Alain wearing a custom made tuxedoThe staff are friendly. Andy is very knowledgeable in tailoring. He has a very refined taste and an amazing attention to detail. He is a great listener. He tries to understand your taste to help you choose the fabric and match the colors that suit you. The result was wonderful. The fit was perfect and comfortable. I received amazing feedback from all my wedding guests. My overall experience with Saint Laurie (Kozinn+Sons) was special and memorable. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to look elegant and sharp, whether you have a sophisticated event such a wedding or a simple dinner. — Alain A.

Bespoke Tuxedo NYC Old-school masters in the art of the tux     [M]y husband and I decided to go with Saint Laurie (Kozinn+Sons) for his wedding tux [and] two weeks after our wedding, I'm happy to report that it was the BEST choice we could've made! Top-notch workmanship, fit and quality. These guys are the real deal—old-school masters in the art of the tux...[W]hile they tend toward classic looks, they were very accommodating with my husband's preferences, offering suggestions and advice based not only on history/tradition, but my husband's build and proportions (tall and lean) and his aesthetic sense (fitted, sleek, a combination of elegance and edginess).With their guidance, my husband decided on a navy tux with a black shawl lapel. After his final fitting, he told me that the tuxedo pants were the best fitting pants he has ever worn. A shop like this is hard to find. Personalized service, unrivaled expertise and quality, and superior craftsmanship rooted in long tradition but forward-looking when it suits. Saint Laurie (Kozinn+Sons) delivered a truly unparalleled experience, and you would be doing yourself a favor by dropping in to see them! —Sophie C.

bespoke suit work in NYC Off-the-rack simply doesn’t compare     I recently had Saint Laurie (Kozinn+Sons) create a tuxedo for my wedding. From start to finish the process was an absolute pleasure and everything came as advertised, if not better.While I could never live up to the bride, I did get countless compliments on how great my tuxedo looked and...[it] was the most comfortable and well-fitting formal attire I have ever worn. I had previously owned an off-the-rack tux and the fit simply does not compare. I felt the price was more than reasonable compared to other tailors, especially given the amount of time and attention that went into the garment.

If you are looking for top-of-the-line quality, excellent customer service, extraordinary fit and workmanship then Saint Laurie (Kozinn+Sons) is for you! For me there is also something special about doing business with a family-owned business that’s over 100 years old and does all their own manufacturing right in the facility. — Richard H.

ONLINE CUSTOMER REVIEWS FROM Customer review of a bespoke garment

bespoke suit tailor Excellent Gotham Tailoring     I probably have 8 suits (plus a wonderful overcoat) made by Saint Laurie (Kozinn+Sons), and I keep coming back because of the extremely high level of service, excellent quality, fair pricing and Andy's ability to work with me to achieve the slightly 'vintage' look... that I want. The selection of fabrics is first-rate, the ambiance is authentic NY garment-district, but warm and upscale. Andy and Renne tell you frankly what they think and recommend, but they never try to push their preferences over the client's. Appointments are honored meticulously, and I have never felt rushed or had to wait more than a minute or two. I highly recommend St. Laurie (Kozinn+Sons). New York needs more places like this. — PeterTGray

custom tuxedo Terrific Old-School Service     I have used several custom tailors in NYC and Saint Laurie (Kozinn +Sons) is my favorite... the service at Saint Laurie (Kozinn+Sons) is impeccable. They schedule appointments so that you and only you are receiving their attention. They answer all questions promptly and accurately. Their service sends the message that they are looking for customers for life. They've convinced me. — MKliegman

bespoke suit since 1913 Best of the Best!     I've been working with clothing and fabric for many years in my own business so I know great workmanship when I see it. The people are friendly, professional and are the highest experts in their field. Saint Laurie (Kozinn+Sons) is the only place I would trust with my whole wardrobe! — bobny

custom suit Superb Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail     [The] entire staff’s approach to a custom wedding suit is one of a kind. Their attention to craftsmanship and detail is extraordinary. — vramig


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